Monday, April 1, 2013

Time Capsule

Today I had English oral presentation.. and the title that given is "What item do you want to put in Time Capsule and open it after 50 years later". Usually we put item that have sentimental value right? so do I, the item that I chose to put in the time capsule is my family photo album. actually its a lot of items that I want to put in the time capsule but the lecturer ask me to put just one item. After think and think wisely, I decided to put my family photo album..

The reasons why I chose this item because

  • It just a sentimental value to me. each of the pictures in my album had a sweet memories. if we take a look back the pictures a lot of stories will come out and it such a funny stories we heard it :) and the memories it cannot buy and its hard to find it anywhere. if this pictures still keep and after 50 years later and we take a look will can recalled the childhood memories ^^

  • the second reason it is just give me an inspiration or motivate me. when i have a problem or i'm down, usually i will shared with my mom or my dad, but if they far away from me i just take a look at their pictures. when i look at their pictures, it feels like they just besides me and it feel warm. for example, if i have a problem in my study, and when i'm looking at their picture (handphone's wallpaper) I will feel alright after that. one thing is I just don't want them to be disappointed. one thing if i homesick i will take a look at their pictures also :) And after 50 years, if i missed them it will be my healer longing towards them ^^
  • Lastly, when I open this time capsule after 50 years later, (Insha-Allah) i will have children ...maybe have grandchildren right? kihkihkih so i want them to know who their grandparents, maybe they want to know how their grandparents look like ^^  with the albums that i kept in the time capsule, i can show to my children and granchildren one day.
*these are why i want to put the family photo album in my time capsule. :) Thank for reading #peace
xoxo: NadiaOthman

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